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In a World... where entertainment was getting dull.  An innovator arose from the ashes to bring a new type of entertainment and spread it to the masses!  His name... Sina Matix!  A Sina Matix show is unlike anything that most people have ever experienced.  You will be taken through a journey of "Cinema Electro", which is a perfect blend of fusing audio and video mixed live!  Imagine your favorite movies and favorite music becoming part of an All In One SHOW EXPERIENCE!  And now for a little history... Sina Matix started DJing in 1999 as DJ Question? before pursuing his Visual music career in 2011 under the names VJ R-M8E and Cinematic Manipulation.  Sina Matix's current side projects include VJ Ghost, Multiverse Livestream Party, and creating holograms.   Also, he is a huge advocate for Visual Music!  So, come to a Sina Matix show and take a TRIP!

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